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Eva + Archie

Archie Bundle

Archie Bundle

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Introducing the Archie Bundle, a comprehensive selection of essential baby items crafted with care in New Zealand from 100% merino wool.

Key Features:

  • Merino Hat: Soft and stretchy for optimal comfort.
  • Merino Cardi: Provides warmth with a practical push-to-close dome.
  • Merino Sleep Bag: Ensures a cozy sleep environment with temperature-regulating properties.
  • Merino Wrap: Offers a safe and comforting cocoon for newborns.
  • Merino Onesie: Combines comfort with practicality for day and night wear.
  • Ethically Sourced Merino Jersey: Ideal for moisture-wicking and temperature regulation.
  • Perfect for Gifting: Thoughtfully designed for expecting or new parents, wrapped with care.

Experience the warmth and comfort of our Archie Bundle, featuring ethically sourced merino wool products that guarantee your baby stays snug and warm throughout every season.

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