Tasman The Sailor Dog

Tasman The Sailor Dog

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 “Tasman The Sailor Dog," is an enchanting children's book that captures the fun-filled escapades and safety lessons of "Tasman" the Jack Russell around the water. Written by seasoned Auckland sailor Sue Blakey, this delightful book is specially designed for toddlers and young children to keep them safe around water. Sue the author, was appalled about the number of drownings in New Zealand and Tasman was the engaging vehicle for awareness.

With its playful rhymes and engaging illustrations "Tasman The Sailor Dog" aims to entertain children while educating them about essential water safety. Supported by Water Safe Auckland, and used by Swimming New Zealand's school educators, in New Zealand schools. This is a must-read for any child who loves water play.

Barbara Kendall, Boardsailing Gold Medalist, wrote the introduction and loved reading the book to her children. We hope that your children will also relish this adorable book while learning crucial water safety tips that will keep them safe in and around water.